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Restaurant Reservation policy

Welcome to our Reservation Policy. Your Reservations in the Platform are subject to this Policy. The terms in capital letters that are not defined herein shall have the meaning stated in our Terms of Use.


To make a Reservation at a Restaurant through our Platform you shall previously be registered as a Platform’s user and make your Reservation at or entering the required information, which may include but is not limited to date and time, and number of guests included in the Reservation. After entering such information, we shall verify the Restaurant’s availability and shall send a confirmation to the e-mail address you entered when creating your account in the Platform. When making a Reservation through our Platform, you commit to attend in the established date and time.

You shall be the only responsible for verifying, accepting and confirming the Reservation’s Terms and Conditions in advance, and that the information entered in the Platform is correct, including: your personal data, your contact information (including a valid contact phone number and e-mail) and all the information referred to the previously selected Reservation.


We are only the intermediaries between you and the Restaurants, since we only provide Reservation management services to the Restaurants, through our Platform. We do not determine the costs and conditions of services provided by the Restaurants.


Through our Platform, you may change your Reservation’s date, time and number of attendants, within the timeframe established in each Restaurant’s policies. In that event the Reservation shall be subject to the Restaurant’s availability. We will confirm your Reservation’s changes as soon as possible. If you cannot change your Reservation through our Platform, please call the Restaurant directly no less than three (3) hours before your Reservation’s time, mentioning (i) that the Reservation you want to change was made through our Platform, (ii) your full name and (iii) the changes you want to make to your Reservation..

If you want to cancel your Reservation, you shall do it no less than three (3) hours before your Reservation’s time. You may cancel through our Platform or calling the Restaurant’s phone number. If you could not attend your Reservation and you did not cancel in advance, we will send you an e-mail informing you that your non-attendance has been recorded in our system.

In the event that you fail to attend to three (3) Reservations within a thirty (3) day period, we shall cancel your account in our Platform. If you are a user making reservations for other people, your user account in our Platform shall be cancelled if you or the person you made the reservation for fails to attend to six (6) Reservations within a thirty (30) day period. Those Reservations you failed to attend but with a prior cancellation no less than three (3) hours in advance, as mentioned in the paragraph above, shall not be considered for cancelling your account. If by mistake, you receive non-attendance notice by e-mail, please contact our team immediately ( to solve this issue..


Data you provide when registering as a user and/or making a reservation have to be truthful. Your user account in our Platform shall be cancelled if we detect any of the following data are false: 1) Your personal data, either your name or last name; 2) Your contact information, either your phone number or e-mail address; 3) In the event you are making a Reservation for others, their personal data and/or contact information; 4) For our Referral Program, if we detect that any of the created accounts are fake.

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