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Perfect for any occasion

Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, special dates or any day with something delicious

Easy to use

Give away any amount in a matter of seconds. It is 100% digital and not to be missed

Many options

MESA 24/7 has more than 200 restaurants available with all kinds of food where the Gift card can be used

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The most delicious gift you've ever given

For every occasion, any amount, you are sure to love it

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Corporate Gift cards

Share the love of good food with your collaborators and show them your gratitude for this gift

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Frequent questions

Where can I use my Gift card?

You can use your Gift card in any restaurant that has the delivery or take out function enabled on our platform. For more information you can see the Terms and conditions.

How do I use my Gift card?

You enter and enter the menu in the upper right corner, press My Gift cards and enter the code for this. The money from your Gift card will become credits 24/7 that you can use in all delivery and takeout restaurants.

Where can I see if I have my Gift card credits redeemed?

You enter and enter the menu in the upper right corner, click on My Credits where you will see the total of the Gift card in credits.

How do I use the credits?

I buy regularly within the MESA 24/7 page and the option to use your credits will appear in the shopping cart.

Can I send a physical Gift card?

MESA 24/7 Gift cards are only digital and are sent by mail.