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Automatic and perfect reservations.

No more mistakes in the process of making reservations
Errors in making reservations: Lost documents, misspelled names, misunderstandings with your diners, Long waits. No more of that. MESA 24/7 can automate the entire process of booking your restaurant
Book a table 24 hours a day, the 7 days of the week
Easy use
Únete a nosotros
Únete a nosotros

Build a database of your diners and interact with them

Upload your information securely and improve your decision making
All reservations made through MESA 24/7 are automatically uploaded to our database safely. Forget the reservation book, now you can review all the information online and you can even continue entering reservations that you receive via phone or email. All the information of your guests can be stored in MESA 24/7, and only you will have access to them.
Know and interact with your diners
Statistics that will help you in making decisions

Effective marketing will increase the flow of diners in your restaurant

Move your marketing efforts to the expert team in advertising of MESA 24/7
MESA 24.7 will invest in marketing and advertising for you. Part of the revenue that we generate reinvest directly on your target with fully targeted advertising to increase exposure for your restaurant on the web, newsletters, and social networking. All with the firm objective of generating more traffic to your booking and restaurant
Únete a nosotros
Únete a nosotros

The way we all like to make a reservation.

Fast and easy
MESA 24/7 is a platform focused on the user. It will make your life easier so that you can enjoy more of our Peruvian cuisine. Thanks to MESA 24/7, your diners will be able to book a table at any time and at any place. In addition, they can make a reservation on our website and also by using our mobile application for iPhone or Android, only in thirty seconds.

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